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Andrew Ticknor is a Sioux Falls-based business development professional who comes from a long line of entrepreneurs in the local community. Andrew has built a reputation within his space for his operational and strategic development experience, and he is well known for his ability to lead teams and invest in his workforce’s success. Currently, he is the owner/operator of the first Jersey Mike’s Subs in South Dakota.

Those who have worked with Andrew Ticknor speak to his keen eye for detail and interest in streamlining processes for the betterment of his teams and partners. Andrew Ticknor of Sioux Falls is a proponent of upward mobility for his workforce and remains committed to high-quality customer service.

In Andrew’s free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and donating to local charitable organizations working on the front lines of a variety of issues. Mr. Ticknor mentions that business owners and professionals can benefit from the perspective that volunteering brings and how it empowers them to connect with and uplift their local communities.

Andrew Ticknor Explores Ways Businesses Can Give Back to Their Communities

Andrew Ticknor Sioux Falls

Andrew Ticknor of Sioux Falls believes that giving back to local organizations is important for businesses across industries partially because it shows commitment to a positive future. Still, he finds that some businesses fall into decision paralysis, realizing that there are so many potential ways to contribute to nonprofits and charitable organizations that actually taking the steps to pick one is difficult.

Here, Andrew Ticknor provides a few insights on the ways that a business can give back to their local community, as well as the benefits of these key methods.

Offering Products or Services

If your company offers goods or services that can be beneficial to the public or local organizations, donating these can be a simple and effective way to give back. Andrew mentions that restaurant owners can help fight hunger by donating meals to shelters, frontline workers, or charitable organizations in need of food for the individuals that they serve. Department stores can consider donating clothing to groups serving at-risk members of our communities. Law firms can provide pro-bono services to individuals who require legal assistance but cannot afford representation of their own. The list goes on. From the perspective of a business, one of the best parts about giving back in this fashion is that it makes use of your specialty. Sometimes there is no need to think so far outside of the box in order to be successful.

Donating Funds

While donating money is far from the only valuable way to give back on a local level, one cannot deny the impact that it has for non-profits and charitable organizations that use funding for their essential processes, supplies, events, etc. In today’s landscape, there are many ways that businesses can work to raise funds on behalf of their favorite orgs. For example, Andrew Ticknor of Sioux Falls notes that his Jersey Mike’s location was able to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, culminating in a full day of giving where 100% of sales were donated to the organization.

Getting Employees Involved

Andrew Ticknor Sioux Falls

Many businesses have success with giving back by getting employees involved, and there are many ways to do so. Facilitating drives or setting up a volunteer day can be a great start. What many companies find is that employees are eager to give back, but often do not get to do so due to being caught up in their own personal and professional lives. Initiating an employee volunteer program or company-wide day of service can easily get them around this while also providing them with the chance to create a positive impact and build a stronger connection to the community as a result. This could also start a chain reaction among your teams as they get to see how rewarding it is to give time and energy to local organizations that truly value the help.

Volunteering for Events

Typically, even well-funded, successful non-profits and charitable organizations could use a helping hand when it comes to planning and facilitating events. This presents an excellent opportunity for business owners and companies to reach out and give back. Organizations may require help with phone lines, running booths, interacting with potential donors, event management, etc. and are usually not shy about what they need if asked. Andrew Ticknor of Sioux Falls mentions that assisting at events can be a great way to give back, as it provides volunteers with a full glimpse into how communities will work together to reach their goals. Feeling more connected to your local orgs and citizens can offer new perspectives and really show how much work goes into the process.

Collaborating with Local Organizations

One of the best things about partnering with local organizations is that it provides the opportunity to maximize the impact of charity work by bringing more eyes and funding to groups that your business supports. Andrew Ticknor of Sioux Falls explains that there are many different ways for businesses to work towards facilitating partnerships and benefiting their local communities. In fact, many charitable organizations will have a variety of partnership options that can be explored by calling in or checking their websites. Some businesses also find success in maximizing the impact of their giving by collaborating with other businesses that share similar goals. Drives or sponsorship plans that include several local businesses can help ensure that many people are working to make a difference through concentrating their efforts. As the saying goes, many hands make light work.

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